This accelerated summer course is designed to immerse students in the rich theater history and innovative theatrical practices of the Canadian cultural scene by developing a knowledgeable appreciation and critical assessment of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.  The details of the literary component of the course will be determined by the festival’s play season; however, the overview of the primary reading material will consist of at least three Shakespeare plays and a range of staged performances from Greek tragedies to world premiers.

Following the sustained study of critical material and dramatic literary analysis, students will spend the next 10 days immersing themselves in the plays and the forum events of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival: watching, discussing, writing and thinking about the plays, musicals, tours, workshops, and presentations they will be witnessing. While cultivating a deepened appreciation of live theatrical performances and investigating the rich archival material, students are also developing and demonstrating their improved skills of observation, synthesis, argumentation, and criticism.

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