Do’s and Don’ts for Stratford Pedestrians

By: Emily Hare

I’ve always identified as a walking meme. Little did I know that on this trip, I would create a walking meme. I’m a proud mama :’)

It was Friday, July 26, the first full day on the trip, and Jason, Keith, Adonis, and I were walking from The Planet Café to the hotel so that Jason could drop off his backpack before the ghost tour. We were waiting patiently to cross when Adonis decided to blindly go for it. I noticed a bright red hand glowing through the post. I was attempting to get out a warning as quickly as possible, and was stuck somewhere between “DON’T” and “IT’S A DON’T WALK”, and out of my mouth came the jarbled mess: “IT’S A DON’T!!!”

And so it was that Do’s and Don’t’s became the trend of the trip. Need to cross? Press the Do button. God forbid you keep on walking without checking whether it’s a do or a don’t. Perhaps the most important piece was that, no matter what, you made sure to obnoxiously shout whatever it was before crossing and/or waiting.

I know that Do’s and Don’t’s are a part of me now, and it is my hope that other students from the trip will think of me from now on whenever they’re walking in a city.

P.S. Why the heck were the Do guy’s legs so long?