A Trail of Chocolate

Kate Jones

While poutine is one of Canada’s must try foods when you visit, my sweet tooth insisted I find the chocolate shops in Stratford. And there were a lot of them to explore. One of the best ways to do this is to go on the Chocolate Trail. The Stratford Chocolate Trail is a bit like a tour, only it’s self-guided and you can visit 27 different places where your six vouchers can be exchanged for treats, gifts, or discounts. Plus, the brochure you get gives a small explanation of all 27 shops. 

If you’re walking from shop to shop like I did most of the time, I recommend bringing a cooler if possible, especially if you buy chocolate. It would also be a good idea to to look at shop times and see if any of them will be closed one day or another. I had wanted to visit Rheo Thompson’s after seeing a play but it was closed so I had come back the next day. Some of the places I visited I’ve already talked about in my top four places to visit in Stratford post, but they were so good I wanted to mention them again. While I won’t talk about all of the places I visited, here’s three that I thought were worth a mention.

One of my favorite places was Rheo Thompson Candies. They’ve been in Stratford for 40+ years, with an assortment of handmade candies with their signature flavor: mint chocolate. They even have mint smoothies you can order right in the shop. Plus, almost all of their products are gluten free and a few are even sugar free. Even better, they ship products across North America so you can have them even in the United States. 

An unexpected place on the list of shops is the Stratford Festival Shop. It was probably the last place I would have thought to visit for chocolate, but they do sell chocolate bars with packaging that looks like a play ticket, which I absolutely loved. Plus, your voucher gives you a discount should you choose to buy it. And, if you prefer to get your chocolate somewhere else, there’s still a lot of cool souvenirs you can buy.

Another cool place on the list is Chocolate Barr’s Candies. At one point, I took a taxi to get to one of the theatres and the driver was kind enough to point out some of his favorite chocolate shops, including Chocolate Barr’s Candies. At Chocolate Barr’s, there’s handmade truffles you can get with a variety of flavors to choose from. Some of them are fairly simple like cherry liqueur and hazelnut truffle, but there’s others like lavender or honey and black pepper. 

There are so many great places to visit with a bunch of sweets, like Scoopers and Kandy Cakes, but my favorite was definitely Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Whichever place you choose to go though, there’ll definitely be something sweet enough to make you glad to walk from place to place.