People Who Have Hearts

By: Keith Kibler

During the trip, I found myself amongst nothing but the ladies. Well, while with them I got to appreciate again. Why I enjoy women’s hearts and minds. Thanks to my two brethren who left me at the hands of the wonderful creatures; I never felt out of place. Or did I.

A Fish Out of the Water

I’m scared they are not.
Do you get me?
I was alone but not alone.
Do you get me?
I was different but not different.
Do you get me?
I am myself and they are themselves.
Do you get me?
I look rough they look gentle and sweet.
Do you get me?
I am out of my element they are fully afloat.
Do you get me?
I have no true feelings yet they are caring, nurturing, and loving.
Do you get me?
I am a male who can’t understand they are females who understand more than me.
I don’t get me.

On the way back home, our vehicle broke down. I must say sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Everyone was perturbed. I for one was not being a nice person. So generally we do and say some things that we can take back in the form of apologies. Only because of certain situations we sometimes let our emotions take the best of us. In short, we are human sometimes emotions are what drive us. We are better people if we acknowledge our mistakes, that’s what apologies are for.


I know that I’m right!
I’m sorry.
I know what to do!
My bad.
Don’t tell me what to do!
Forgive me.
What’s your problem!?
I apologies.
Listen to me!
My mistake.
What are you doing!?

Let’s be friends.

me and the broke crew
Our second time breaking down, but it was at a nice shady ice cream place. I really enjoyed that time. Believe me or not.

No worries, for we are human. We all make mistakes. Forgiveness is eternal.

Well, I must say. While away I missed a lot of things. Home, family, and friends. So much is missed. So home we are and a home we be.

Home and Home Away From Home

Home a place that holds it’s own.
Home away a place that has a lot to offer.
Home my comfort zone.
Home away is my new treat.
Home is where the heart is at.
Home away is where new love is found.
Home is where I see my life.
Home away is where my eyes open to a new.
Home is the truth of one’s being.
Home away is the truth of everything.
Home my prosperity.
Home away my new hope.
Home is where you make it.