Bust A Move

Adonis Lemke

            Everyone loves to dance from time to time. For me, dancing has been something I have become much more interested in for the past year. Being able to go on stage and do something that not many other people can even fathom doing is awesome. So, I was ecstatic to be able to do a dance workshop with one of the dancers in the show Billy Elliot, the Musical. Devon Michael Brown is a professional dancer that has been at it since he was 11 years old. I was certain I would learn a lot from him. Believe me, I was not disappointed.

            Throughout the one-hour long workout with Devon, we went through a number of different things. We stretched, we learned the lyrics to the song “Expressing Yourself,” and then learned the choreography for the part we learned. It was awesome! The first thing that surprised me was just how well some of the warm-ups really stretched me out. It was something that I noted mentally to remember so that I would do that before any dance rehearsals that I would have in the future. My favorite was where we lean to one side with one arm over our head (and no it’s not just because that’s the picture I have)


            The dance was incredible. It was fast paced, exciting and a heck of a workout. As you can see, I worked up a bit of a sweat (mainly because I’m wearing pants and am a sweaty person but the dance caused some of it). The only thing I can say about it that I was disappointed in was that we didn’t have more time. I would have loved to learn more and keep sweating, even though I was sick that day.


            The dance workout, like many of the other things that I experienced on this trip, gave me so much joy and an increased sense of excitement to get home and work even harder on my own skills so that I can get onto bigger stages like the ones in Stratford. I may never be as great of a dancer as Devon, but it would be amazing to get to work alongside him. He’s a reason why this trip will be so memorable for me.