The Stratford Community

By: Kirsti Toms

I think We all like to think that we live in a tight-knit community because nothing sounds better than having a home where you know everyone and support everyone you are around everyday.

I personally would love to live in a town like this, but I cannot say that I have ever experienced anything like that of Stratford. These people live, breathe, and eat theatre. I have never seen anything like it. The support that is offered for the actors in the festival is immense, and it’s not only from part of the community, but it’s from every single person living in this town.


While going to the theatre during the day and going to the workshops we took part in, there were countless teens and college students working in the theaters for their summer jobs. While we have summer jobs in Cincinnati that are all at the mall or Kings Island, these kids get to have summer jobs that are a part of the creative arts community and that is truly extraordinary to me.

One of my favorite things about this community is that no matter where I would go to eat at any time of the day, all of my servers would ask if I were in town to watch one of the plays, and then ask what I had seen and we would compare our favorites!

There is truly nothing more exciting than getting to see the most amazing people work their everyday jobs, and watch the entire town do nothing but support them. I hope that one day I can live in a town as loving as this one.