Coriolanus – 2018

Photographed by David Hou.

One of the plays that was the most impressive was Coriolanus. The set pieces were magnificent, and complex. The first thing you notice, when you arrive is the statue of Coriolanus’ head. It is impressive, and the mouth mimics speech. It is startling to behold, because we were not aware that is spoke until the exact moment that it does – but it was utterly great. The performances from  André Sills (Coriolanus), Stephen Ouimette (Brutus), and the rest of the company were astounding. It was not hard to imagine, and immerse myself in the story.

My favorite part of the play was the battle scene. What comprised of the battle scene was a mock up – the actor who played Coriolanus’ son put down toy soldiers, and we viewed the battle from his perspective. It was really interesting, and an innovative way to convey the devastation, and scope of the whole battle.

Another thing that I enjoyed about this play was that it felt very cinematic. When the scene closed, it would close in like a camera – reminding me of a shot in a movie. The set pieces were impeccable, and the bar set was one of my favorite pieces.

Members of the company. Photography by David Hou.

Overall, the company did an amazing job. They kept the tension high, and pulled the audience in with a cast who captured your attention immediately. This was one of my favorite plays that we saw, and I hope I have the opportunity to see another performance of Coriolanus.

– Jenaya Hughes