In a World Full of Dairy Queens

Desiree Ritchie

In a unique little town, surrounded by nothing but local shops full of curious wonders, I indulged in the corporate castle of all ice cream wonders…that’s right, I went to Dairy Queen. A lot. Was it because I just really needed the overly rich Choco Extreme Blizzard? Was it because I could look out my hotel window and see the Dairy Queen sign waving at me? Yes. The answer is yes- to both. While I am not proud of how many Blizzard Extremes I ate, and believe me, it was a hearty amount, I can say with absolute honesty how satisfied I was at the time.

IMG_98391 (1)

There is a point to this post, and that point is, SHOP LOCAL! EAT LOCAL! Stratford is full of locals opening their own businesses such as clothing shops, good eats, and all your plant and mercantile needs (check out Got It Made-it was easily the coolest store I’ve ever seen). After venturing out and taking a leisurely stroll down by the river, some friends and me decided to stop by JENN & Larry’s and let me tell you, it was worth it. Not only did they have a feature ice cream dedicated to the talk of the town’s favorite show, Rocky Horror, but they had every ice cream flavor with any dip you could ask for.


While I only got one chance to try out JENN & Larry’s (probably because I ate Dairy Queen every other day…), Stratford is home to another ice cream shop called Scooper’s. This post is not intended to call out Dairy Queen, I am a frequent shopper and could prove it by my bank account statements, but when given the opportunity to be in a new place with new experiences and shops, try them! My biggest regret would be eating too much of the same thing and not trying new things. I’ll be back for ya, Scooper’s!