Stratford From A Foodie’s Point-of-view

Lydia Shigley

One of my favorite things about Stratford was all the unique restaurants I could go to. They had an assortment of all different types of food, some I had never even had in the United States. My favorite one was Jenn and Larry’s, which served ice cream. The tiny ice cream shop served all types of ice cream, which had my mouth watering as soon as I walked in. Ice cream is my favorite food and I would eat it all the time if I could. I got a banana split milkshake and was excited to actually have such a unique-flavored milkshake that also tasted delicious.



The coffee shops in Stratford were another one of my favorite things. I’m addicted to caramel lattes, I’m constantly getting coffee in my town, so I was excited to try new independent coffee shops. The first one I went to was Balzac’s. The interior was gorgeous and had that coffee shop style with wooden counters and brick walls. I got an iced caramel latte which was delicious. The other shop I went to was Revel. While they had a limited menu, I tried out the vanilla latte, which much to my surprise was so delicious, the best I’ve ever had. I was so excited to try a vanilla latte I actually loved (since I’m so picky).


Lastly, another cool place I went to was Boomer’s. This place was known for their fries, especially their poutine. I had tried poutine at a different restaurant and was excited to try it there, since that’s what Boomer’s was known for. I got the Italian poutine which was fries with tomato sauce, basil, and curds of mozzarella cheese. I’ve never tried anything like it before, I hadn’t even seen anything like it in the United States. It was delicious and I was so excited to try food native to Canada. All-in-all, Stratford was full of unique restaurants where I could enjoy food I had never tried before.