All You Need is Love and Ice Cream

Sarah Gann

Or if you’re like Mackenzie and me, all you need is love for ice cream. This love for ice cream is what brought us to one of our favorite places in Stratford. We discovered it on Monday and have been back three times since then. This magical place I am referring to is Jenn and Larry’s Ice Cream Shoppe.

This cute little shop is located at 49 York Street, which is close to the river. They have a wide variety of treats, including all sorts of ice creams, frozen yogurt, and cookie dough.

Each time we went, I tried a blast,¬†which is similar to a blizzard, but tastes way more delicious, and Mackenzie got a little sundae. The first day, I decided on a cookie dough blast. There were giant chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips, all in a creamy soft serve. I considered switching it up each time, but the blast was so good that I decided to stick with that category. The second trip, I picked chocolate peanut butter bar, which was absolutely perfect for me because I love combining peanut butter and chocolate. Finally, I went with the cookies n’ cream, which was reminiscent of a McFlurry. Each time we went, the ice cream was bursting with flavor, which had us craving more the next day. Besides the amazing taste, the price was reasonable, costing $5 Canadian dollars, which is only $3.82 in American.

The best way to end a trip to Jenn and Larry’s is to eat your ice cream on a bench by the river. This makes it so others can see you enjoy your ice cream, making them all jealous. Plus, you get to enjoy the beautiful view of the river and hang out with your duck friends (as Mackenzie says “ducks are your friends. Geese are not”). If you’re ever in Stratford, grab some Jenn and Larry’s and send your taste buds to heaven.