The Festival Garden

Brian Ebright

The first time I passed the garden in front of the Festival Theater, I barely noticed it because I was focused on the Shakespeare statue.

The second time, I tried to figure out if the design spelled something.  It was not Shakespeare and it wasn’t Stratford so I gave up trying to decypher it and just enjoyed its beauty.




Walking out of the Festival Theater after seeing the thought provoking To Kill A Mockingbird (spoiler – no mockingbirds were killed), I overheard someone asking one of the attendents about the code for the flowers.  He said that the flower designs represented the plays.  He had to pull out his copy of the maintenance and housekeeping book – his “bible”   to describe the images.

Take a closer look at them.  According to the “bible” the images are (left to right):

Pair of Legs in High Heels

Rocky Horror


Snake Brooch

Snake Brooch


Bottle Beside a Glass

Bottle and Glass


Map of Italy



Marching Bass Drum Player

Bass Drum


Imperial Eagle

Imperial Eagle

Kind of like the negative space white arrow on Fed Ex (trademark), the images are easy to see when you figure out what you are looking for.

The lady who asked the attendant about the flowers had not seen all of the plays, so she did not get some of the images.  Being the brilliant and observant WSU students that you are, I am sure you can correctly connect the play with the flowery icon.  When you do,  please settle a bet between my wife and I about the map of Italy flowers.

One thought on “The Festival Garden

  1. Samantha Noland says:

    Great observation!! I can’t believe I missed this.
    Let’s see if I can get them right…
    Rocky Horror
    An Ideal Husband
    Long Days Journey…
    Napoli Milionaria
    Music Man
    Julius Caesar/ Coriolanus?

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