Lets Do it Again

By: Kirsti Toms

Today, all of us students got to partake in a workshop to learn the “Time Warp” dance from the Rocky Horror Show. And when i say this was an amazing experience, I mean it was AMAZING! Especially for all of us “Rocky Fans”. The workshop was taught by Gabriel Antonacci, who is currently acting in the Rocky Horror Show as one of the Phantoms, as well as Ed Gammidge in The Music Man.


He was one of the most excited Actors we had talked to, and he really knew what he was doing. Some of us came into the workshop feeling a little intimidated, as dancing is not always for everyone. Yet, instead of feeling awkward or unsure, Gabriel made sure that us learning the dance was nothing short of a blast.


We started the workshop out with some stretching (Because you should NEVER be dancing without stretching first), worked on the dance, and then took turns performing it for each other in small groups. If anyone has seen The Rocky Horror Show, the one dance they would definitely want to learn is the Time Warp. In the song, the lyrics basically tell you some of the steps that you will be doing as you dance, however, learning this routine was much more difficult than you would expect as it is fast paced and well, if you are not a dancer, it may be more crazier than you would like to be doing.

When we got through the part of the dance we were learning, we were all in good spirits and so glad we had gotten to do this workshop. Learning this dance was an incredible experience for me, as I have looked at the characters in this show with admiration since I first watched it. Feeling like apart of the cast, even if it were for a few minutes, was something I will never be able to forget. We spent a few minutes at the end asking Gabriel to tell us more about how he got into his acting career and his favorite parts. I can say that he definitely inspired everyone in the room, and he even made me feel as if I wanted to drop everything and start acting like him.


At the end of this, we got to not only meet and talk to an actor who is in the Rocky Horror Show, we got to learn one of the most iconic dances in theatre, and we even got a work out in.