He’s a what? He’s a what?

Mackenzie Bolton

On July 5th, our group went to go see our first musical of the trip: The Music Man.

I love musicals so I was most excited for the musicals that we were going to be seeing up here.  I have seen a lot of musicals in my life and they were always something that I loved experiencing. This was no exception. The Music Man was a spectacular experience filled with amazing choreography and beautiful singing. Daren A. Herbert was an amazing Prof. Harold Hill. His performance was funny and entertaining. He would talk to people sitting in the audience during one of the dance breaks in the show (of which there were many). He has an incredible voice. He does a fantastic job of really making himself seem like he’s a salesman, very believable. Of course, Danielle Wade who played Marian Paroo was amazing. She has a beautiful voice and is such a strong actress. Her character’s chemistry with Hill was so fun to watch.

The choreography was so incredible. Throughout the show, there are a lot of dance sequences and each one of the was as entertaining as the last. Having musicals that are choreography heavy (like Newsies) can present a challenge of making sure that each dancing sequence is unique and entertaining in their own way and this show does a spectacular job of that. There were flips and lifts and jumps and spins and everything was so great to watch and done with such precision that everything looks so amazing.

I do have a personal connection with The Music Man. My family has both of the movie versions (1962 and 2003) at our house and growing up I watched them all the time. A local theater group did it and we went a saw that on stage. My father did musicals in high school and they did The Music Man and he was a member of the barbershop quartet. My family often sings Shipoopi and Seventy-Six Trombones and Rock Island around the house. I love The Music Man and I wish i could buy a film version of this production because it might be my favorite.