My People of Stratford

Written by Sydney Fay

It was you guys that made my trip to Canada unforgettable.


Jessica Becker: Always prepared for any situation. She is intimidating in her intelligence but filled with helpful wisdom. If you ask nicely she might read your cards for you, and be hauntingly accurate.


Jessica Falkner: Down to earth and perpetually smiling. If you need an escape from the overwhelming Shakespeare discussions, Jessica will talk to you about very human things and not judge your lack of knowledge.


Dylan Freeman: Unexpectedly funny. Listen closely because Dylan will spout off hilarious jokes when you least expect it. He said his highlight of the trip was meeting us, but we were just as thrilled to be his friend.


Racheal Hampton: Fashionista. Rachel is always put together and well dressed. She also may be terrified of giant fields of windmills.


Alexis Kreusch: An amazing singer and dancer. Alexis tried to hide it, but she was the best in the room during the choreography workshop. She also rocked karaoke, not many people could pull off an Adele song like that.


Dr. LaPerle: Fearless leader. Anyone that can a lead a group of 11 students into a foreign country, make sure we get everywhere on time, and do it with a smile is a superhero.


Andrew Puthoff: Too much fun to annoy. If you want to bother this kid just crack jokes at his height, or call him by his last name. He will suffer it all with a smile, and a heart filled with compassion. The only way to really make this guy mad is to offend one of his friends. Just make sure you’re considered a friend.


Esther Sorg: Holder of the Jacks. Esther has gone down in history for being the best euchre partner of all time. If you ever need someone to sit across that table from you, she is your girl. She’s also an amazing poet and a lovely friend.


Tyler Wissman: Humble genius. This kid consults David Foster Wallace essays to get inspired. He will never hesitate to have thirty-minute conversations about avant-garde artists. He is open minded, cultured, and goofy. If you need a laugh or a good friend, he’s your man.


Holly Yen: Adventurer in the extreme. Holly not only kept up with all of us young people but even outpaced us. If you could have her life-long thirst for adventure and knowledge you might be half as wise as her.


Amy Yong: A constant mom. If you need someone to help you try on clothes in the store, or provide constant concern for you well being, Amy will do that for you. She also throws a pretty mean fake punch.

Thanks for being your beautiful selves!