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The Classlist tool is a convenient starting point for viewing information about your users.  The Classlist tool is accessed by clicking on Classlist on the Course Navigation Menu.

Note: If there are more than 20 students in your course, change the views to 200 per page so you are sure to see all of your students on your screen.

To print a class roster, click on Print.

To view a user’s personal profile, click on the avatar beside their name (if they haven’t uploaded a picture, a grey silhouette will appear in the box). Any information that is displayed on this page is submitted by the user.

A green dot will appear to the right of a user’s name if s/he is online.

Options that are displayed by clicking on the context menu (arrow) that is found to the right of the user’s name are:

 Send Email      Compose an email to the user.

Manage Auditors     Set up auditors for user accounts.

View progress      View the User Progress page for a quick overview of a user’s progress on dropbox folders, quizzes, and other course content.

ViewGroupEnrollments     View which groups in which a user is enrolled.

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