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The Dropbox Folders page provides a summary of the Total Files, Unread Files, Flagged Files, and Due Date for each dropbox folder. Click on a folder to navigate to its Folder Submissions page to view submitted files.

You can also access users’ folder submission history from the Evaluate Submission page if they have submitted at least one file to the folder. A submission history enables you to quickly view a list of all files a student has submitted including:

  • deleted files
  • re-submitted files
  • every submission’s date and time
  • an indication that the student has read the comments and feedback for a submission
  • comments left by the student

View files using the Folder Submissions page

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Dropbox Folders page, click on the folder you want to view submissions for.
    • On a folder’s Edit Folder page, click Folder Submissions from the context menu beside the page heading.
  2. Use the Users tab or Files tab to view and search submissions by user or file name. Searching by User enables you to search by first name, last name, submissions, and feedback. Searching by Files enables you to search by file name, submission date, read status, and flagged status.
  3. Enter criteria in the Search For field to narrow the list of submissions in your search.

View folder submission history

  1. On the Folder Submissions page, click the Evaluate link beside the name of the user you want to view a history of.
  2. On the Evaluate Submission page, click Folder Submission History.
  3. You can select a different folder from the Folder drop-down list if a user submitted files to other dropbox folders within the course.

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