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Create random sections in self assessments to distribute a unique set of questions to individual users. Random sections pull questions from a designated pool of questions stored in the Question Library. Specify how many questions users receive from the random section question pool after you import questions from the Question Library into the random section folder.

Since you can only access random sections within self assessments, you must create a self assessment before you can create its random sections. You can import an infinite number of questions from the Question Library into each random section, but you cannot create new questions within random section folders.

Create a random section in a self assessment

  1. On the Manage Self Assessments page, click on the self assessment you want to create a random section for.
  2. Click Add/Edit Questions.
  3. Click New, then select Random Section.
  4. Enter a Section Name.
  5. Enter a Message.
  6. Enter Private Comments. These comments are for your personal use and view only.
  7. Click Add a File to upload an image. You can enter a description of the image in the Description field.
  8. Set your Display Options:
    • show section name Displays the random section name in self assessments that contain this random section.
    • insert a line break after section name Inserts extra space below the random section name.
    • display message and image
      • Select display section message and image once to display these items once at the beginning of the random section.
      • Select repeat section message and image before each question to repeat both the message and image before each question in the random section.
  9. Enter Section Feedback in the text field.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click on the random section you just created.
  12. Click Import.
  13. In the Source Section drop-down list, choose the Collection Root or a specific section where existing questions reside.
  14. Select the questions you want to import, and click Save.
  15. Enter the Questions per attempt you want each user to see from the random section.
  16. Enter the points value for each question in the Points each field.

    Note All questions within a random section are assigned the same points value.

  17. Click Save.

Note Managing random sections (renaming, reordering, deleting) is similar to managing self assessment questions except you cannot publish random sections.


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