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When you create activity descriptions at the org-level they are available to all child org units. Activity descriptions you create for an org unit are also available for that org unit’s children, but not for the org unit’s parent or the org-level.

Creating a new activity description requires you to choose:

  • The Category by which the Learning Activity Library groups the activity description.
  • The purpose the activity description serves, either as content or as an assessment.
  • Which cognitive skills (from Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Skills) apply.
  • Instructional approaches that are possible (for example, direct, indirect, independent).

Create a new activity description

  1. Start on My Home for an org-level activity description, or from a course or other org unit to create activity descriptions for that org unit and its child org units.
  2. Click Edit Course on the navbar.
  3. Click Learning Activity Library.
  4. On the Manage Activity Library page, click New Activity.
  5. Complete the form, choosing a Name, Category, and Purpose.
  6. You can also add a Description of the activity description and Instructions for it.
  7. Choose one or more of the Cognitive Skills from Bloom’s Taxonomy that the activity description develops.
  8. Select one or more Instructional Strategies that are possible using this activity description.
  9. Click Save.

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