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You can assess users from inside the topic while reading posts or from the Assess Topic page. Assessing users from within the topic lets you read users’ posts in context and evaluate them as you perform other reading-related tasks (approving posts, marking posts as read, replying, etc.). When assessing users from the Assess Topic page, you can see topic scores for all users and view all of a user’s posts together on one screen. Assessable topics display a Can be assessed icon beside the topic name in the Discussions List.

Note If a topic uses post approval, you must approve a post before you can assess it.

Assess users from within a topic

  1. On the Discussions List page, click on the topic you want to assess.
  2. Do one of the following (click on table to make it larger):


  • Click Save, then click Close.

Assess users from the Assess Topic page

  1. On the Discussions List page, click Assess Topic from the context menu of the topic you want to assess.

    Tip If the Score column is empty on the Assess Topic page, click the Manage Columns button, select the Score Value and Percentage check boxes, and click Save.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the Users tab, click Topic Score beneath the name of the user you want to assess.
    • In the Assessments tab, click the name of the user you want to assess.

      Tip In either tab, you can search for specific users by typing all or part of a user’s name or user ID in the Search For field and clicking Search. You can also filter the view to display members of a specific group or section by selecting from the View By drop-down list and clicking Apply.

  3. In the Topic Score Details window, enter a score in the Score column beside each post you want to assess.

    Note If a user’s posts display across multiple pages, be sure to save each page before navigating to another page of posts. Any new post scores entered are lost if you change pages without saving.

    You can also enter comments in the Feedback field.

  4. Click Save and Close.

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