Attendance scheme statuses

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Course attendance schemes are created and managed in the individual courses. They are only available in the course in which the scheme was.  As such, an attendance scheme created in Course A cannot see or use a course attendance scheme created in Course B and vice versa.

Attendance scheme statuses

Attendance scheme statuses define the criteria for your attendance schemes. Statuses consist of four fields: Symbol, Status Full Name, Assigned %, and Order.

Symbol: An abbreviated name for the status. Improve recognition by using symbols that intuitively reference the corresponding status name (A for absent, P for present, etc).

Status Full Name: The full name of the status. The name should clearly describe the status, for example: Late, Present, and Absent.

Assigned %:  An optional weight assigned to each status that contributes to the individuals percent attendance (performance) for the register. This field enables you allocate attendance credit to particular activities and set attendance expectations. If a status’s Assigned % is blank, then any instances of that status are ignored in the user’s overall attendance calculation.

Order: The display order of the statuses.