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In this section Rubrics Overview: What rubrics are and when to use them. Holistic Rubrics: When you want to assess an activity has a whole, not break it down into parts. Analytic Rubrics: When you want to separately assess parts of an assignment, and create an overall score from those parts. Attach Rubrics: You can attach rubrics to grade items, dropbox folders, and discussion topics.

Rubrics in Discussions vs in Grades

In the new version of Brightspace, grading discussions with rubrics has become more robust, but has some caveats. Add Rubric in Discussions, not in Grades When you add both a the rubric and grade item to a discussion topic, you can now grade the assignment using the rubric within the discussion topic and publish the grade directly from there to grades. The one caution is that while the grade gets published to Grades, students can’t […]

Create and Grade a Holistic Rubric

Holistic rubrics let you assess an activity as a whole. If you want to be able to assess individual parts of an activity, you will need to use an analytic rubric instead. This page will walk you through how to make and use holistic rubrics. Create a Holistic Rubric Click or hover over “Assessment” on the course navigation bar and click “Rubrics.” Click the blue “New Rubric” button. On the “Edit Rubric” page, leave the […]

What Rubrics Are, When to Use Them

A rubric is a matrix that defines what students need to do to fulfill different levels of achievement for an activity. Rubrics make your expectations clear and help you grade more quickly. Also, students learn from rubrics and use them for peer reviews. Rubrics become most useful when you attach them to activities, such as Grade items, Dropbox folders, and Discussion topics. This page gives an overview of Pilot’s Rubrics tool and explains the differences […]