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Fix a Faulty Question After Students have Taken the Quiz

Key Points If you alter a question in a quiz that some students have already taken, Pilot will preserve the old version of the question for those students who took the quiz before the change. Only students who take the quiz after you edit a question will see the edited version of the question. You can reassign points for those who answered the original question. Follow the steps below in the section called Fix the […]

How Students See Quiz Results

Here is how students see results, such as what questions they got right or wrong. This assumes the instructor has set up the “submission view” to allow students to see more than just their grade. Click “Assessment” on the course navbar and choose “Quizzes and Exams.” On the Quizzes page, click the little downward-pointing arrow next to the quiz and choose “Submissions.” There will be a list of attempts the student submitted for the quiz. […]

Basics of creating a quiz

Creating quizzes for your course involves two basic steps. Each of these steps is described in greater detail below. The basic steps are Create your quiz questions. You can create questions in either the Question Library (recommended) or within the quiz.  You can also import properly formatted questions from Respondus, a quiz generating software package. Create a quiz. Create a quiz by defining a quiz name and general properties, establishing the quiz restrictions, setting the […]

Retrieving a Pilot Quiz With Respondus

Retrieving a Pilot Quiz With Respondus To get started with Respondus, you need to download it from the ConnectWright web site ( .  When you download and install Respondus from the Connect Wright site, there is a Registration Code file also available that contains the registration information and password.  Please note that when it asks for what personality type you are using, select Desire2Learn (or Brightspace).   Once the installation is completed, open Respondus and […]

Displaying Quiz Grades

To release a quiz grade to students, go to the Quizzes and Exams tool in the course and click on the title of the exam to release.  This will open the properties page, and on this screen click on the “Submission Views” tab. On this Submission Views page, click on the “Default View” link.   and then make the choices for what you wish to release.