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Check Clutter Folder for Course Email

Not seeing those emails your teacher sent? They might be in your Clutter folder. The Microsoft service that Wright State uses for your official student email includes a “Clutter” feature. It can simplify your life. But it can cause you to miss important email from your instructors. To avoid problems, you can… check your Clutter folder often, train your Clutter folder, make rules to keep some messages out of Clutter, or turn off the Clutter […]

Email Your Class Through Pilot

You can e-mail the students in your Pilot classlist. Pilot will send the messages to your students’ Wright State email addresses. The return address is your Wright State email address. So although you send a message from within Pilot, after that it’s outside of Pilot in the Wright State email system. Email Your Whole Class Click “Classlist” on your course’s navigation bar and choose Classlist from the drop-down menu. Click the “Email Classlist” button, which […]

Custom Widgets

You can create your own widgets. Add a welcome widget to your homepage, for example. Introduce yourself with a “bio” widget, including your picture and brief summary of your experience in your field.