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Attach Rubrics to Grades and Activities

This page shows you how to attach rubrics to activities and helps you decide where to place your rubrics.

What it Means to Attach a Rubric

A rubric can help you quickly and precisely grade an assignment, but only if you first attach it to another Pilot tool, such as a grade item or dropbox folder.

The table you create in the “Rubrics” tool is like a template. When you attach the rubric to a grade item, for example, it’s like making a copy of the rubric that you can use in “Grades.” The copy is no longer connected to the template in the Rubrics tool.

That means you can use one rubric on multiple assignments and in multiple places. It also means that copies of a rubric don’t talk to each other. So even if you attach the same rubric to both a dropbox folder and a grade item, the markup you do in the dropbox folder won’t carry through to the rubric in Grades. Students will have to view the copy that’s in the dropbox to see which cells you selected.

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of attaching a rubric to the three tools where people most commonly attach rubrics: a grade item, a dropbox folder, and a discussion topic.

Tool Description
Grade Item The professor grades the assignment in “Grades.” Pilot calculates the score and pushes it to the grade item. Students see the score and feedback in Grades, and can click a link in Grades to open the rubric and see how the professor scored it.
Dropbox Folder Students see an ungraded version of the rubric when they enter the dropbox. So they have a way to check that they’ve satisfied requirements before they upload files.

Faculty may grade in the dropbox. In that case, the score and feedback from the rubric becomes is pushed into the folder for the assignment. In turn, the score and feedback are pushed to a grade item, if one is attached to the folder.

Students will see the score and feedback in Grades, but will have to go to the dropbox to see the scored rubric.

Discussion Topic If you want to use a rubric to grade a discussion topic, it’s usually best to attach the rubric to a Grade item and do the grading in the Grades tool.

Students can click an icon in the discussion topic to see an ungraded rubric, like they would see in a dropbox folder.

Faculty can use that rubric to calculate a grade within the discussion topic. However, the score goes nowhere. You must manually transfer it to Grades.

Students can’t see the graded rubric from within the discussion topic, which is why it’s usually best to grade with a rubric that’s attached to a grade item.

Attach a Rubric to a Grade Item

A rubric attached to a grade item shows up in Grades, where students are used to looking for assessment results. When a rubric is attached to some other tool, students may be less likely to see the grading you did with the rubric.

To attach a rubric to a grade item…

  1. Click “Grades” on the navbar.
  2. In “Manage Grades,” click the name of the grade item with which you want to use the rubric. That will take you to the “Properties” tab for that grade item.
  3. Scroll down the page to the “Rubrics” section and click “Add Rubric.”
  4. Check the box for the rubric you want to use. (If you don’t see the rubric you created, you may need to go back to the rubric and change its status to “Published.”)
  5. Click “Add Selected.”

Attach a Rubric to a Dropbox Folder

When you attach a rubric to a dropbox folder, the rubric will be on the first page students see when they go in to submit their files to the folder. That way, students can make one last check of what’s expected before uploading files.

You can go into the folder and use the rubric to grade. The rubric will automatically tally the score and save it as the score for that assignment. If the folder is associated with a grade item, the score will get pushed into Grades, too.

However, students won’t see the rubric in Grades. They will see the score and any feedback from the rubric. But to see the rubric itself, a student will have to go to “Assessment” and click “Dropbox.” In the “Feedback” column of the folder list, click “View” for the folder. The rubric and all the levels you selected for that student will display.

To attach a rubric to an an existing dropbox folder…

  1. Click “Assessment” on the navbar.
  2. Click “Dropbox.”
  3. Click the small, downward-pointing arrow next to the name of the folder you want and choose “Edit Folder.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Rubrics” section and click “Add Rubic.”
  5. Check the box in front of the rubric you want to add and click “Add Rubric.”

If when you attempt to select a rubric you don’t see the one you created for the assignment, you may have to go back to “Rubrics” and change the rubric’s “Status” to “Published.”

Attach a Rubric to a Discussion Topic

  1. In “Discussions,” go to the “Edit Topic” screen for the discussion topic where you want to add a rubric. If you create a new topic, you will start in “Edit Topic.” If you have an existing topic, click the arrow next to the topic’s name and choose “Edit Topic.”
  2. Click the “Assessment” tab.
  3. Click the “Add Rubric” button.
  4. Select the box in front of the published rubric you want and click “Add Selected.”
  5. Click “Save and Close.”

Video: Add a Rubric to an Existing Activity