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Quizzes and Exams Overview

The Quizzes & Exams tool enables you to create and manage points-measured assessments.  You can create and manage quiz questions from the Question Library or the Quizzes & Exams tool, and organize quizzes into categories to make it easier to find assessments with similar or related content. The quiz preview option allows you to test the accuracy of content and grading before you release a quiz. In a preview, you can answer the questions, view allowed hints, submit the quiz, auto-grade answers, read feedback, and view report results.

Creating quizzes for your course involves two basic steps. Each of these steps is described in greater detail in related sections. The basic steps are

  1. Create your quiz questions. You can create questions in either the Question Library or by importing them from Respondus, a quiz generating software package.
  2. Create a quiz.  Create a quiz by defining a quiz name and general properties, establishing the quiz restrictions, setting the quiz attempts, creating the submission views and quiz reports, populating the quiz with questions, and setting up the quiz layout.

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