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Print a Pilot Quiz

When making a quiz, sometimes there is nothing as nice as a hard copy when you want to proofread and mark your mistakes. Here are three ways to print a copy of a quiz you created in Pilot.

  1. Use Respondus to print the quiz or save it as a Word file.
  2. Within Pilot, print the quiz preview.
  3. Take the quiz as your demo student, then print that attempt.

Print a Quiz from Respondus

With Respondus software, you can print a quiz or save it to a Microsoft Word file, with or without the answers.

Assuming you already have the quiz open in Respondus, click the “Preview & Publish” tab at the top, then click “Print Options” at the left. Choose options such as whether you want just the exam, the exam with answers, or just the answers. Then you can view it, save it to a file, or print it.

Respondus is a Windows application for creating quizzes offline. You can download it from ConnectWright. (Be sure to click both “Download” and “Registration Code.”) Also see the Respondus User Guide, a Microsoft Word document.

Print a Preview from within Pilot

Within your Pilot Course, you can view a preview of your quiz and print that, if you want. It will only show you the quiz questions, not their answers.

From the “Assessment” menu, go to “Quizzes & Exams.” Click the downward arrow next to the quiz you want to print. Then click “Preview” followed by “Start Quiz.” Right click somewhere in the column with the quiz content and choose to print just that frame.

If you have restricted the number of questions that show at one time, you may first want to go to your quiz’s “Layout/Questions” tab, clear the “questions per page” box, the click “Apply” so the quiz will show all questions at once. You can apply your restriction again after you have printed your quiz.

Print a Demo Student Attempt

From within Pilot, you can take the quiz as your demo student. Then you can view that attempt to see and print the questions and answers.

In the Classlist of most automatically-created courses, you will see a student named something like “demo zzstudent.” Click the downward arrow next to that student’s name and choose to impersonate. Go take the quiz. Then click the demo student’s name at the top right of your screen and click “Restore” To get back to your own faculty identity.

Now from the “Assessment” menu, go to “Quizzes & Exams.” Click the downward arrow next to the name of the quiz you want to print and choose “Grade.” Then click the demo student’s “attempt” to see and print the quiz and its answers.