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The homepages of most courses have a number of rectangular areas called widgets. Typically, there’s an News or Announcements widget, a Content Browser widget, and others. You can add, remove, and rearrange widgets. You can also create your own widgets.

First, Make Your Homepage Editable

Before you can work with your widgets, you will have to make an editable copy of the homepage, as described on the Homepage help page.


For most courses, it’s best to leave the “Include homepage header” box unchecked, as it will redundantly repeat the course name beneath the banner.


Just below the “Layout” heading is an icon that shows the current homepage layout. By default, it has two panels, one large, one small. Click “Change Layout” to choose from a list of eight configurations for your homepage.

Add Widgets

A “Widgets” box at the bottom of the page represents the chosen layout and the widgets that are in it. Below is a “Basic” two-panel layout. Add a widget to either panel by clicking the panel’s “Add Widgets” button.

To choose from the list of available widgets that opens, check the box in front of each one you want, then click “Add.”

Your newly added widgets will now appear below any widgets previously in the panel. This is just a representation of how your widgets are arranged. You won’t actually see how the widgets look until you view them on the homepage.

Be sure to click “Save” or “Save and Close” to keep your changes.

Rearrange or Remove Widgets

To move a widget, hover over it until your cursor turns to four arrows. Then drag the widget to the where you want it, including to different panel.

Also, when you hover over a widget on this page, a circle with an X in it will appear. Click the X to remove the widget from your homepage.

Style Widgets

You can change a widget’s title and whether it can be minimized.

  1. Click “Home” on the navbar.
  2. On the homepage, click the triangle next to a widget’s name and choose “Style this widget.”