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Import, Export and Copy Course Components

Use course Content, Quizzes, Dropbox folders, Grade items, Discussions, and other components from another course by using the Import/Export/Copy Components tool which can be found under Course Admin. To access components from other courses, you have to be enrolled in that course’s Classlist in a Faculty, Co-Faculty, or TA-Designer role. If you want to import content from another instructor’s Pilot course, they can add you to their Classlist with one of these roles.

Open the new course (the one receiving the content), and click on Course Admin. Choose Import/Export/Copy Components from the menu.

 Click on the button beside Copy Components from another Org Unit (in Pilot, the “org unit” is a course), then click on Search for Offering.

Enter the name of the course from which you are exporting in the Search bar. Select the course from the search results and click on Add Selected, at the bottom of the screen.

On the next screen, click the button beside “Copy Components from another Org Unit” and choose either to Copy All Components, or to Select Components to copy.

If you chose to copy all components, the export will begin and you will receive a notification when it is completed.

If you choose to Select Components, a list of course components will appear and you can choose which items to copy. For example, if you choose “Content”, you have the option of either copying all items under Content or choosing individual items.

You will be asked to confirm your selections.

Click on “Finish” and the export will proceed. You will receive a confirmation notice when it is finished.

Video: Copy Components from Another Course