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Rename and Rearrange Content

When you upload a file, Pilot conveniently creates a link in Content. That link’s text is the same as your file’s name. Upload multiple files, and the links appear in alphabetical order. You may want more descriptive links and in a different order. This is easy to fix.

Rename Items

Note: Best practice is to give your file a meaningful name before you upload it. That saves you from having to change the link in Content. More important, if a student downloads the file, it will have a meaningful name that matches the link.

You can edit the link text in Content. So instead of having a link that confusingly says “bio2000fall18syl.docx,” you can make it say “Syllabus.” Here’s how.

  1. Click the small triangle next to the link, then choose “Edit Properties In-Place.”
  2. Click on the link text and it will become selected and editable.
  3. Type the new link text.
  4. Click outside of the box surrounding the link text. The box will disappear and your change will be saved.
  5. To see the item as an active link again, click on a different module, then come back to the module where you changed the text.

Keep in mind that this only changes the link text in Content. It does not change the name of the file it is linked to. If someone downloads the topic, they will get a file with the name that file had when it was uploaded.

Move and Reorder Modules and Topics

Dragging to drop targets is a quick way of reorganizing modules and topics. If you drag a module or topic above or below other modules and topics, a gray line appears to indicate you can drop the module or topic there.

If you drag a module or topic over another module, the module appears orange to indicate you can drop it there.

Video: Rearrange Modules and Topics

Update existing files

You can automatically update your existing files by dragging the newest version of your file from your computer into the appropriate module.