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Content Overview

What is the Content Tool?

The Content tool is used to create, edit, and organize course materials such as syllabi, lecture notes, video, audio and readings. The Content tool allows users to navigate through course content and activities. You can also:

How Content is Organized

Content Tool Structure

Within the Content Tool, you will find four primary areas:


When users access a course’s Content tool for the first time, the first page they land on is the Overview (unless it has been left empty). Use the Overview page to orient users to the course, content materials, and course expectations. You can insert course overview information using the HTML Editor beneath the Overview title, and you can add a file attachment by dragging a file from your computer onto the upload target, or by clicking Add an Attachment from the Overview context menu.


The Bookmarks area is a user-specific place that holds links to bookmarked content topics. Click the Add Bookmark icon while viewing a topic to add it to your bookmarks list. The number beside the Bookmarks link indicates how many bookmarks you have.

Course Schedule

The Course Schedule       area shares dates for the course, including due dates. When items are overdue, the dates will appear as red. The links that appear with the dates will allow learners to click directly on the item that needs to be completed.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents panel lists all modules and topics available in your course. You can add new topics to existing modules by dragging and dropping files from your computer onto upload targets on the Table of Contents page, and you can also rearrange course materials by dragging and dropping topics between modules. The number beside each module name in the Table of Contents panel listing indicates the number of topics you have set completion tracking for.