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Using the Attendance Tool in Pilot

Pilot provides an optional Attendance tool that allows you to keep track of your students’ class attendance. The tool allows you to create multiple registers and customizable sessions within each register. The Attendance tool is not turned on in your Pilot course, but you have the ability to activate it.

Turn on the Attendance Tool

Click on Course Admin and then on Tools.

Activate the tool by clicking on the box to the right of “Attendance” so the “x” turns to a “√” .

Create a Register

Click on Attendance in the navigation bar and then click the New Register button.

Name the new register and set a percent attendance threshold if you want to flag students that have missed too many sessions.

Check the Visibility box if you want students to be able to view the register.

Enter the number of sessions that you want to record (minus the first three that are already showing) and click on “Add Sessions”.

Name the Sessions.

Record Attendance

Click on Attendance in the navigation bar. Select the register.

Select the class session.

To record attendance for the entire class, click on Set Status for All Users.

Select the status to assign to all users. Click Save.

To change the status of individuals, check the boxes beside their names and click on Set Status. Click on Save at the bottom of the screen.

Different Register Schemes

If you want to record attendance using symbols other than P (present) and A (absent) you can create a new Attendance Scheme.

Attendance schemes provide the criteria for marking attendance in a register. Each attendance register uses one attendance scheme, which you assign when creating a new register. The register defines the applicable users and sessions, and the attendance scheme defines the attendance statuses that you can give to users for each session.

For example, a simple attendance scheme defines two possible attendance statuses: present and absent. If you apply this scheme to an attendance register, you have two options for marking attendance for the register’s sessions. Mark users that attend a session as present and users that do not attend as absent.

You can create more complex schemes that define more statuses such as late and authorized absent. This provides flexibility to accommodate a wide range of attendance options.

Creating an Attendance Scheme

  1. Click Attendance Schemes from the tool menu.
  2. Click New Scheme.
  3. Enter a Name for your scheme.
  4. In the Attendance Statuses section, enter a Symbol, Status Full Name, Assigned % and Order for each of your statuses.
  5. If you need more than three statuses, click Add Statuses. Enter a number in the corresponding field to add multiple statuses at one time.
  6. Click Save.