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Add People to Your Pilot Classlist

Your class list is automatically populated with students who are registered for your class. You can add students, teaching assistants and observers (or even other faculty) to the course.  If a student drops your class, his/her name should drop off of your Classlist. If not, verify that the student officially dropped and contact the CTL to remove his/her name. Before you add a student to your Pilot course, be sure to verify that he/she is officially registered for the course.

To access your class list, click on Classlist on the navigation bar.

When the Classlist appears, click on Add Participants, then Add existing users (this refers to users that exist in the WSU system, not just the course).

On the next screen, put search terms in the Add Exising Users box to find the person you want to add. Use first name and last name, “w” number, or UID:

Check the box beside the person’s name. Select a role (i.e. student, faculty, teaching assistant, etc.), and select a section from the dropdown menus.

select role

Click on Enroll Selected Users.enroll users

After confirming that the student name and role are correct, click on Done.

enrol confirm

The user’s name will now appear in your Classlist with the privileges that you have assigned them.