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Category: System Admin

Turn Off Spell Checking for Quizzes

This page is for people with administrator access. You must have administrator access to turn off spell checking for quizzes in a course. Gear > Config Variable Browser > Tools > Quizzing > ShowSpellCheckInAttempts > Add Value For “Org Unit ID,” use the number that appears in the course URL. (CRN won’t work.) If you don’t know the ID number, you can click “Select Org Unit” to search by course name. Change the value to […]

Crosslisting Tricks

This page is for people with administrator access. Create Crosslistings The first page of the “Crosslistings Management” tool is where you choose the course or courses that will be hidden, also called child courses or secondary courses. If your search doesn’t show the course you want, click “Show Search Options,” click the box by “Active” and change the status to “Inactive.” (By default the search will only look for active courses.) Once you have selected […]

Demo Student , Datafeed search, evaluationkit widget

This page is for people with administrator access. If the demo student or search does not work the problem is more than likely the server was rebooted and the apache web service needs restarted. On or apachectl restart or: /sbin/service httpd restart Can call Rich Hadden for this if no one is around. John Meyers would be able to as well. The evalkit widget in works off of the ctltest server. It […]

Enable and Disable Tools in Your Course

If there are tools listed on the Navigation Bar that you aren’t using, you can hide those items. Conversely, you can reveal tools, such as the Attendance tool. Click “Course Admin” and select “Tools.” Use the switches on the right to enable or disable the tools that will be used in your course. Changes occur immediately so there is NOT a “Save” button on this page! Disabling Tools will cause them to be hidden and […]