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Category: External Tools

Link to Pearson Content

The “Pearson Direct Integration” item Pilot’s “External Learning Tools” only links to one master page for the Pearson content. If you want to send students to a specific Pearson item, you need to go to the “Course Builder” tool, which is under “Course Admin” in your Pilot course. In the Course Builder’s “Add Content” pane, click “New MyLab and Mastering.” That will launch a small window where you can choose items in your Pearson course […]

Add Users to Your WordPress Site

There are two “Add Users” interfaces. One ties into Wright State’s authentication system. The other doesn’t. So it’s important to get the right one. Otherwise, students won’t be able to use the campus username and password to log in. At your “Dashboard” page, hover over “Users” on the left, then click “Add User.” That will get you the right page. But if you are in doubt, you can confirm that you are on the right […]

Installation password for Respondus

With Respondus, you can create quizzes offline, then upload them directly to your courses. Many people find it faster and easier than making quizzes within Pilot. The Respondus software requires a new registration code each year. The new code can be found on the CaTS ConnectWright Free Software page and click the “Classroom Software” link.     Then, under Classroom software, download the Respondus Registration Code. The updated password is on the registration code .pdf.