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Add University Libraries’ Research Toolkits

What the Research Toolkit is and where to get it The University Libraries provides a series of modules you can add to your course to help students do better research. Each module is available as a .zip file you can download from a Libraries web page. When you import a Toolkit file, it creates a module, its content items, and an associated quiz. Download modules from “Research Toolkit: For Instructor Use” Some computers will automatically […]

Binder App Discontinued

D2L has announced it will discontinue its Binder app, which students could use to collect course content to mark it up with notes and to read it offline. Beginning November 1, 2018, the company disabled the cloud storage service that supported the Binder. However, students who updated to the latest version of the app and accessed the cloud before November 1 should still have anything stored in Binder, but it will have been downloaded to […]

File Upload Problems

A number of things can prevent a someone from uploading a file to a Dropbox folder, Content, Discussion, or other tool. File Size Files larger than 1GB might not upload. Slow Internet Connection Although there is no set connection speed required, slow speeds can cause the upload process to time out. File Name Too Long or Contains Unsupported Characters Keep file names under 45 characters and avoid the following characters in file names: \ / […]

Multiple Ways to Build a Course

Pilot supports multiple ways to build a course. You can mix and match them to create your own process. Here are some approaches you might consider. Build Each Element à La Carte A common approach is to build each element separately in its own tool. In its simplest form, students then go to each tool for activities. To take a quiz, they go to “Assessment” and choose “Quizzes and Exams.” To participate in a discussion, […]

PowerPoint Jumbled in Content

If you add a PowerPoint file to Content and find that it displays as a jumble of text without the design and layout of your original slide, you will want to switch to “Page” view. While viewing the PowerPoint in Pilot, scroll way down to the bottom of the page. Click “View as Page.” The button will switch to saying “View as Text” and your PowerPoint slides will look the way you expect. Unfortunately, this […]


In this section Content Overview: Covers what the Content tool does and how it’s organized. Accessibility: Make sure your online content is accessible to students with disabilities. Create Modules: Modules and sub-modules contain and organize content. Upload Content Files: Pick your preferred method to add Word documents, PowerPoint, and other files to Content. Rename and Rearrange Content: Both in the Content tool and in Course Builder, it’s easy to to reorganized your course by dragging […]

Paste Text From Word into Pilot

Simple Paste using Shift Key To paste text from Microsoft Word into a quiz question or other text box in Pilot, use a keyboard shortcut that will strip out Word’s formatting. Otherwise, quiz answers may not line up with their check boxes, for example. The clean-paste shortcut in Windows is Control-Shift-V The clean-paste shortcut on a Mac is Command-Shift-V Clean Paste that Keeps Document Structure While pasting with the shift key is great for small […]

Downloading Course Files

You can download a .zip file containing all, or some, of the files in the ‘Manage Files’ area of a course. Go to Edit Course to get to the “Course Administration” page. Select Manage Files. A list of folders and files appears in the ‘Manage Files’ area. Check the ‘Select all items’ box at the top of the list of folders and any files in the course root folder. This will select all files in […]

Link to Pearson Content

The “Pearson Direct Integration” item Pilot’s “External Learning Tools” only links to one master page for the Pearson content. If you want to send students to a specific Pearson item, you need to go to the “Course Builder” tool, which is under “Course Admin” in your Pilot course. In the Course Builder’s “Add Content” pane, click “New MyLab and Mastering.” That will launch a small window where you can choose items in your Pearson course […]

Release Conditions

Many tools within Pilot include the option to attach release conditions. For example, you can make a Content item or module available to students only once they have passed a quiz, submitted a paper, or viewed another content item. Below are examples of the options you can choose when you create a release condition.

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