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Category: Communication

Webex Basics

Webex Education Connector Tutorials The Cisco Webex Education Connector is an external learning tool in Pilot that is used for conducting classes in a live virtual classroom. This tool can be used to schedule virtual class meetings, promote online group work, and to schedule virtual office hours using Cisco Webex Meetings. Webex Education Connector Browser Requirements While Webex is compatible with most browsers, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The links to […]

10 Best Practices for using Live Virtual classrooms

Collaborate Ultra/Webex Be consistent. When deciding on which platform to use for your classes, choose one and stick with it throughout the semester. Clarify the access procedures for your chosen platform. Before a class is scheduled to meet, make sure the students know procedures and basic troubleshooting tips for joining the session. OUR RECOMMENDATION: Always have students use the built-in interface for Collaborate Ultra/Webex within Pilot; you can add that external learning tool link under […]

Webex and Collaborate Ultra Quick Tips

Webex   Quick tips to avoid or quickly recognize common problems:   If possible, use the Cisco Webex Desktop App for your computer or device If using a web browser, make sure it is the latest version (Chrome and Firefox are strongly recommended) Connect via Ethernet or ensure you are as close to your WiFi router and that your Wifi connection is strong AND stable   Have a Backup Plan:   Create a ready-to-use backup […]

Attach a File from OneDrive

With Pilot’s integration with Microsoft Office 365, you can upload files to Pilot directly from your OneDrive. The following directions show how to attach a file to a discussion post. The same process applies to Dropbox folders and other areas where you want to attach a file. If you have a copy of the file saved on your computer, and not in a OneDrive folder on your computer, it’s often simpler just to upload that […]

Collaborate Ultra Basics

Collaborate Ultra is now a standard part of every course in Pilot! It can be found in the Communication Menu and when you select it, there is a ready to use virtual live classroom (named the Course Room) at the top of the screen and you (and your students) just click on it to enter it. If desired, shortcut/link can be added into Content in Pilot as well. Just choose Add Existing Activities from any […]

Check Clutter Folder for Course Email

Not seeing those emails your teacher sent? They might be in your Clutter folder. The Microsoft service that Wright State uses for your official student email includes a “Clutter” feature. It can simplify your life. But it can cause you to miss important email from your instructors. To avoid problems, you can… check your Clutter folder often, train your Clutter folder, make rules to keep some messages out of Clutter, or turn off the Clutter […]

Create Topics

“Topics” in Pilot are where discussions take place. No topic, no discussion. Each topic must be in a forum. You can put as many topics in a forum as you like. To create a new topic, do one of the following. When you create a new forum, there is a checkbox to “Create a new topic in this forum with the same title.” With that checked, you will create a topic in your forum automatically. […]

Groups Overview

Videos: Groups and Sections Playlist List of Videos in Playlist To see individual videos in this playlist, click the icon in the top left corner of the video or… go to the YouTube Playlist page for the Groups tool.

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