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Check Clutter Folder for Course Email

Not seeing those emails your teacher sent? They might be in your Clutter folder. The Microsoft service that Wright State uses for your official student email includes a “Clutter” feature. It can simplify your life. But it can cause you to miss important email from your instructors. To avoid problems, you can… check your Clutter folder often, train your Clutter folder, make rules to keep some messages out of Clutter, or turn off the Clutter […]

See Classlist with Student ID Photos

Pilot can help you match students’ names to faces. Unfortunately, the Classlist only shows photos that students choose to upload to their Pilot profiles. To see what your students really look like, add the “Classlist with Images” widget to your homepage. Once it’s on your homepage, it has a link that opens a window with a list of students in your class. Next to each student’s name is the photo used on that student’s Wright1 […]

View Classlist by Section or Group

If your course has multiple sections that are combined (“crosslisted”) into one, you can view the Classlist one section at a time. This also works for groups that you’ve set up in Pilot. Next to “View By,” click the menu that by default says “Users.” Select “Sections.” (Or “Groups”) Click “Apply.” In the “Sections” menu, select what you want to view. Click “Apply” again and the Classlist will show only the students in the section […]

Student Incomplete: Grant student access to past course

To finish an incomplete, a student needs access to your Pilot course from a previous semester. Here’s how you can make that happen. Go to your Classlist, check the box in front of the student’s name, then click the “Enrollment” link at the top or bottom of the list. That will take you to the “Change Enrollments” page. On the “Change Enrollments” page, select “Student Incomplete” for the New Role. Click “Save” and you’re done.

Email Your Class Through Pilot

You can e-mail the students in your Pilot classlist. Pilot will send the messages to your students’ Wright State email addresses. The return address is your Wright State email address. So although you send a message from within Pilot, after that it’s outside of Pilot in the Wright State email system. Email Your Whole Class Click “Classlist” on your course’s navigation bar and choose Classlist from the drop-down menu. Click the “Email Classlist” button, which […]

Add and Impersonate the Demo Student

See your course as students see it. A demo account lets you test your course before it goes live. You can even take quizzes and view grades to make sure everything is configured correctly. Once the class starts, use the demo account to troubleshoot when things don’t behave as you expected. Click “Class List” on the course navigation bar and select “Create Demo Account.” The demo student will be created and will appear in your Classlist. To […]

Add People to Your Pilot Classlist

Your class list is automatically populated with students who are registered for your class. You can add students, teaching assistants and observers (or even other faculty) to the course.  If a student drops your class, his/her name should drop off of your Classlist. If not, verify that the student officially dropped and contact the CTL to remove his/her name. Before you add a student to your Pilot course, be sure to verify that he/she is […]

Using the Attendance Tool in Pilot

Pilot provides an optional Attendance tool that allows you to keep track of your students’ class attendance. The tool allows you to create multiple registers and customizable sessions within each register. The Attendance tool is not turned on in your Pilot course, but you have the ability to activate it.

Password Reset for Self-Registered Students

Students who have self-registered in a course often aren’t in Banner so they can’t use WINGS or rely on the Help Desk to reset their passwords. To enable them to reset their password, Go to “Users” and look the student up. When the student shows up in search results, click the downward arrow next to the name and choose “Email Password Reset Link,” which will send to whatever email address the student used for self […]

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