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Category: Course Admin

File Upload Problems

A number of things can prevent a someone from uploading a file to a Dropbox folder, Content, Discussion, or other tool. File Size Files larger than 1GB might not upload. Slow Internet Connection Although there is no set connection speed required, slow speeds can cause the upload process to time out. File Name Too Long or Contains Unsupported Characters Keep file names under 45 characters and avoid the following characters in file names: \ / […]

Groups Overview

Videos: Groups and Sections Playlist List of Videos in Playlist To see individual videos in this playlist, click the icon in the top left corner of the video or… go to the YouTube Playlist page for the Groups tool.


In this section Groups Overview: Groups give you a way to have subsets of your class work together. Create Groups: There are a number of ways to set up your groups. You can even have Pilot create and associate discussions and dropbox folders when you create your groups. Add Students to Groups: Pilot can automatically assign students to groups in a number of ways. You can also assign students to groups manually. That’s especially handy […]


In this section Make Homepage Editable: Before you can customize your homepage, you have to make and activate an editable copy. Widgets: How to add, delete, and rearrange those boxes called widgets on your homepage. Custom Widgets: Create your own widget, such as an instructor bio on your homepage. News (Announcements) Widget: Make the most of this communication widget on your homepage.

Error: No Final Grades to Send

When sending grades to Banner, some faculty get this message: Error: There are no final grades to send to your SIS. That happens when… Banner has failed to create a section for the course or an attempted grade export had failed and corrections need a kick start. Section Missing To remedy the problem if the course does not have a section… Go to Course Admin and click Course Offering Information. Check the Course has sections […]

Custom Widgets

You can create your own widgets. Add a welcome widget to your homepage, for example. Introduce yourself with a “bio” widget, including your picture and brief summary of your experience in your field.


The homepages of most courses have a number of rectangular areas called widgets. Typically, there’s an News or Announcements widget, a Content Browser widget, and others. You can add, remove, and rearrange widgets. You can also create your own widgets.

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