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Downloading Course Files

You can download a .zip file containing all, or some, of the files in the ‘Manage Files’ area of a course. Go to Edit Course to get to the “Course Administration” page. Select Manage Files. A list of folders and files appears in the ‘Manage Files’ area. Check the ‘Select all items’ box at the top of the list of folders and any files in the course root folder. This will select all files in […]

Exporting Grade Data

Exporting Grade Book Data   You can export all information from a grade book, including the original point values, grade scheme symbols and ‘out of’ grades to a .cvs or .xlsx file that can be opened with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications.   Go to the Grades tool and select Enter Grades. Select the Download Grades as CSV tab near the top of the page. 3. The “Export Grades” page appears. By default, “Export […]

Link to Pearson Content

The “Pearson Direct Integration” item Pilot’s “External Learning Tools” only links to one master page for the Pearson content. If you want to send students to a specific Pearson item, you need to go to the “Course Builder” tool, which is under “Course Admin” in your Pilot course. In the Course Builder’s “Add Content” pane, click “New MyLab and Mastering.” That will launch a small window where you can choose items in your Pearson course […]

Dropbox Submissions Have Blank Right Panel in Chrome

When you view a submitted document in a Dropbox folder, there is normally a feedback box and other features in a panel to the right of the document. In one case, that right panel was blank when viewed in Chrome on a faculty member’s laptop. Quitting and restarting Chrome did not help. Reinstalling Chrome did not help. She took her laptop to the Help Desk where someone clicked the “Next Student” link at the top […]

Installation password for Respondus

With Respondus, you can create quizzes offline, then upload them directly to your courses. Many people find it faster and easier than making quizzes within Pilot. The Respondus software requires a new registration code each year. The new code can be found on the CaTS ConnectWright Free Software page and click the “Classroom Software” link.     Then, under Classroom software, download the Respondus Registration Code. The updated password is on the registration code .pdf.

Bonus points

Here are the directions for adding bonus points in the grade book. First, make a grade item, just like any other. Click the blue "New" button and choose "Item." Then choose "Numeric" for the "Grade Item Type." Then you’ll find yourself on the "New Grade Item" page, which is where you’ll work your bonus point magic. The difference between this bonus grade item and any other grade item is that you will scroll down and […]

Getting rid of grade items and hiding new items

Deleting a grade item isn’t very hard as long as you know the order of the steps to accomplish that: Under Manage Grades, place a check beside the items you wish to delete and then choose Delete under the More Actions menu: You will then have to select the items a second time before Pilot will let you delete them! As far as new grade items go, if an external tool creates a new grade […]

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