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Attach a File from OneDrive

With Pilot’s integration with Microsoft Office 365, you can upload files to Pilot directly from your OneDrive. The following directions show how to attach a file to a discussion post. The same process applies to Dropbox folders and other areas where you want to attach a file.

If you have a copy of the file saved on your computer, and not in a OneDrive folder on your computer, it’s often simpler just to upload that file from your computer. But if you store and edit your files in OneDrive, here are the directions below.

Attach a file to a discussion post

  1. To attach a file to a discussion post, either a new thread or a reply, click the little arrow to expand “Add attachments,” which is below the box where you write your message.
  2. Click the “Choose existing” button that you will now see. (Note: If you have a copy of the file on your computer, not in OneDrive, you can click the “Upload” button instead. That will let you attach the file from your computer.)
  3. Next, click “OneDrive Files” from the list of sources.
  4. OneDrive may prompt you to log in at this point. If asked for an email address, that would be your Wright State email address. Of course, you will use your campus user name and password.
  5. Navigate your OneDrive files and check the box in front of the file you want, then click “Add.” You can check multiple files to add them all at once.
  6. Once you’ve clicked “Add,” you will be back in your post and should see the name of your file listed. Assuming your post has a heading and content, you can click post to make the post with it’s attached file available to your class.

View attached files in discussions

There are two ways you can view files attached to discussion posts. You can view them from the list of threads. Or you can view them from within posts.

Access attached files from the list of threads

Once you click a discussion topic, you will see a list of all the posts to that topic. Beneath a post, click the “More” link,

That will reveal the name of attached files. Click a file name to download and view it.

Access attached files from within posts

One you click the name of a post, you will see any attached files listed below the main message. Click a file name to download and view it.