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Error: No Final Grades to Send

When sending grades to Banner, some faculty get this message:

Error: There are no final grades to send to your SIS.

That happens when…

  1. Banner has failed to create a section for the course
  2. or an attempted grade export had failed and corrections need a kick start.

Section Missing

To remedy the problem if the course does not have a section…

  1. Go to Course Admin and click Course Offering Information.
  2. Check the Course has sections box.
  3. Go back to the Course Admin page and click Sections.
  4. Click Add Section and create a section with a name and code that match the format used in other courses.

So the section name should be the same as the course name and the section code should be “Sec – ” followed by the full CRN.

A Previous Attempt Failed

If you try to submit grades to Banner without having everything prepared correctly, the export will fail. If you release grades, change the grade scheme, or whatever needs to be done then try another export, you may run into the “no final grades” error. In this case, the old failed state of the submission seems to get cached. If you know you have a section and that the Grades tool is now in order, the ignore the error message and go ahead and click “Continue.” The page with the list of students, their grades, and the little pencil “Edit” icons should pop up. If it does, then you are on your way.