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Exporting Dropbox Submissions

Exporting Dropbox Submissions


You can save the files submitted to a Dropbox folder in a course as a .zip file.  Follow the procedure below for each Dropbox folder that you want the submissions exported.

  1. Go to the Assessment tab in the course and then click on Dropbox from the menu.
  2. Select the dropbox folder you wish to process by clicking on its title. You want to view the document submissions for all users so they can be downloaded all at once.

  1. Select the ‘Select all rows’ box at the top of the list of files to download and then the ‘Download’ icon to the right of the ‘Select all rows’ box.

  1. When the file is ready to be downloaded, click the link presented. You will have the option to save the .zip file.

5. The file will need to be unzipped to access the files within.