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Exporting Discussion Files

Exporting All Posts in a Topic

Follow the procedure below for each Discussion topic from which you want the posts exported.

  1. Go to the Discussions tool.
  2. Click on Settings near the upper-right corner

and select Grid View under “Personal Settings” if not already set.

3. Next, select a topic within a forum and change the view to “All Posts” (press the Apply button).

4. Change the number of posts viewed at a time to the highest possible option; typically, this is 50. If there are more posts than the number viewed at a time, you will have to repeat this procedure for each page to include all posts.

5. Select the ‘Select all rows’ box just above the message headings and select the “Print” icon.

6. This brings up a scrolling “Printable View” window containing the posts.  Select “PDF” to save as a .pdf file and press the Print button.