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Please post your interviews as a page rather than as a post. The page icon is the one that looks like a piece of paper about five icons down on the left hand sidebar. You can set your interview to private under Publish–>Visibility on the right. And under “parent” on the right, scroll to find the right category for your interview. Then you will need to copy the Permalink from under the title and list your interview as a hyperlink on the appropriate page (professional, volunteer, board).  If you find this last step confusing, I can do it for you–just email me when you have created your page.

One thought on “Publishing Interviews

  1. Elizabeth Kelly

    I completed my first interview yesterday with Heather Thomas at the Dayton Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. For those that may not be aware- Red Cross has restructured significantly and is in the midst of reengineering their entire workforce on a National and Regional Level. This has caused a great deal of change and made it challenging for staff and volunteers to plan and stay informed. It will be interesting to see how differently staff and volunteers answer similar questions. You can read our interview here.

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