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You can export survey statistics and reports to a CSV file for data analysis. The CSV file contains all pertinent information from the survey so that you can query, sort, and evaluate the data without being connected to the learning management system. You must set up survey reports from the Reports Setup tab for the appropriate survey before you can view or export reports. See Creating surveys to learn more about creating reports.

View a survey report

  1. On the Manage Surveys page, click Reports from the context menu of the survey you want to view.
  2. Click on the report name.
  3. If you want to restrict your report within a specific time frame, select the From and To check boxes and enter the date restrictions.
  4. Click Generate HTML Report to view the report in your browser, or click Generate CSV Report to save the report as a CSV file on your computer.

Data exported with survey reports

Report Type What it includes

Summary Report

All of the questions and answers provided for each survey attempt, how many users chose each possible answer, feedback messages, total number of attempts, and details of responses.

You can also set a release date for this report.

Individual Attempts

The Org Defined ID, username, first name, and last name of each user can be hidden or displayed. Detailed information about each question, the number of attempts, including how long each attempt took.

You can also set a release date for this report.

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