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The following are possible session statuses that can display beside seating charts:

  • Not Launched/No Session Seating charts with sessions that have not been launched, or that do not have sessions attached to them, display no icons beside their seating chart name.
  • In Progress Seating charts with sessions in progress have an In Progress icon beside the seating chart name. They also display a blank box () that fills in with a participation score for the session and a color symbolizing the session threshold value once the session is complete.
  • Complete Seating charts with complete sessions have a box () where the number indicates the participation score for the session and the color indicates what threshold value the session attained. For more information about threshold values, see Visualizing student progress in a session.

Click the seating chart to go to the events page for that chart. Seating charts with more than one associated event display a session statistic number and color to indicate participation threshold results beside each completed session.

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