Submitting group work to a dropbox folder

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Any user in your group can submit files to the dropbox folder. The Submissions column indicates how many files your group has submitted.

Submit group work to a dropbox folder

  1. On the Dropbox Folders page, click on the group dropbox folder you want to submit to. Group dropbox folders have a Group icon beside their names.
  2. Click Add a File to browse for the file you want to submit. You can attach files from your local computer or storage device, a personal locker, a group locker, or ePortfolio.
  3. You can Add a File, Record Video, or Record Audio as feedback. When you finish a recording, click Add.
  4. Enter any Comments you want to submit with the file.

    Note If you have permission to add video notes, you can click the Insert Stuff icon in the HTML Editor and click Video Note to do your recording.

  5. Click Submit.

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