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Ordering (ORD) questions require respondents to arrange a series of items into a correct sequence or order.

Create an ordering question

  1. Enter a Title. Enter a Points value. Select a difficulty level in the Difficulty drop-down list.
  2. Enter your ORD question in the Question Text field.
  3. Click Add a File to upload an image to accompany your question. You can enter a description of the image in the Description field.
  4. Choose a Grading format:
    • Equally weighted The total points value is divided equally among all possible correct order items. Users receive equally weighted points for each correct answer.
    • All or nothing Users receive the total points value for correctly ordering every answer or else they receive none at all.
    • Right minus wrong Users receive points equal to the number of right answers they choose minus the number of incorrect answers they choose. To determine how much each answer is worth, the system takes the total number of points assigned to the question and divides it by the total number of answer choices.Example If a question is worth 10 points and has 5 answer choices, each correct answer is worth 2 points, and each incorrect answer is worth 2 points (10/5 = 2). If a user gives 3 correct answers and 2 incorrect answers, 2 is the total number of points received for the question [(3-2)*2 = 2].

      Note Users can receive a minimum of zero on a question; they cannot receive a negative mark.

  5. Enter an order item in each Value field. You can click Add Item to create additional ordering items. To delete an order item, click the corresponding Remove Entry icon.
  6. Set the correct ordering in the Correct Order drop-down list. The first item in the correct order should be “1”.
  7. Provide comments and suggestions in the Feedback, Question Hint, and Question Feedback fields.
  8. Click Preview to view your question.
  9. Click Save to return to the main page, click Save and Copy to save and create another ORD question that retains the copied properties, or click Save and New to continue creating new ORD questions.

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