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Multiple choice (M/C) questions present a statement or question with a list of possible answers, in which respondents must choose the best possible answer. Multiple choice questions differ from multi-select questions in that only one answer can be selected for each multiple choice question.

If you create a multiple choice question that has more than one possible solution, answers can be weighted according to the correctness of each possible answer.

Example If two answer choices out of five options are accepted as correct, both can be weighted 100% and the other three options can be weighted at 0%. If all five answer choices are accepted as correct but some are more correct than others, each can be weighted in ascending order with the most correct answers weighted more than the least correct answers.

Create a multiple choice question

  1. Enter a Title. Enter a Points value. Select a difficulty level in the Difficulty drop-down list.
  2. Enter your M/C question in the Question Text field.
  3. Click Add a File to upload an image to accompany your question. You can enter a description of the image in the Description field.
  4. Select an enumeration style from the Enumeration drop-down list.
  5. Choose a display Style.
  6. You can select Randomize options to ensure that each person receives the same multiple choice options in an unpredictable order.
  7. Enter an answer option in each Value field. You can click Add Option and select the number of additional answer options you want to include in your question. To delete an answer option, click the corresponding Remove Entry icon.
  8. Set the weight for each answer option in the Weight (%) field.
  9. Provide comments and suggestions in the Feedback, Question Hint, and Question Feedback fields.
  10. Click Preview to view your question.
  11. Click Save to return to the main page, click Save and Copy to save and create another M/C question that retains the copied properties, or click Save and New to continue creating new M/C questions.

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