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Long answer (LA) questions require respondents to write detailed answers in response to open-ended questions. You can enable users to respond in multiple sentences, paragraph answers, or mathematical explanations and calculations.

Create a long answer question

Note:  Long answer questions cannot be auto-graded.
  1. Enter a Title.
  2. Enter a Points value.
  3. Select a difficulty level in the Difficulty drop-down list.
  4. Enter your LA question in the Question Text field.
  5. Click Add a File to upload an image to accompany your question. You can enter a description of the image in the Description field.
  6. Set the number of Rows and Columns for the Input Box to control the answer input field’s display size.
  7. You can enter Initial Text to display text at the top of the answer text box.
  8. Select Allow HTML Editor to be used for responses to allow users access to the HTML Editor when inputting their answers.
  9. You can enter answers in the Answer Key field to display solutions to course markers.
  10. Provide comments and suggestions in the Question Hint and Question Feedback fields.
  11. Click Preview to view your question.
  12. Click Save to return to the main page, click Save and Copy to save and create another question that retains the copied properties, or click Save and New to continue creating new long answer questions.

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